Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Welcome to the PDDC Blog

Dear Friends,

We recently completed our first season in
New York City at Danspace Project (October 18-20, 2007). The event was successful in the professional sense — full houses, great reviews, no visible onstage disasters — but the best part was that the shows brought together an extended community of colleagues, family, friends, and supporters. In addition, various dialogues emerged after.

has prompted me to start a blog for the company, to allow people a means to share your feedback on and questions about our work, as well as your ideas about dance, music and other artmaking in general. And I hope you don't mind me airing my views now and again--

best, Parijat


Sophia said...

Dear Parijat, I wanted to let you know how much I was inspired and moved by your dancers' and musicians' performances at Danspace.

"The Wall" was evocative and narrative at the same time. During the final section, I found myself with tears in my eyes when you arose from the floor and joined the other dancers in the joyous circle. It made me think of redemption, forgiveness, and re-integration.

"Malaysia" has come such a long way since you showed it to us in workshop. I love that you have made the language more abstract and symbolic (here/there rather than actually naming all the specific locations where people are from, which are listed in the bios anyway.) I think a lot of people connected with the piece on the language as well as the dance level - I know I did.

Finally, the combination of live musicians together with dancers was absolutely electrifying in "Quiet Fire." It was great to see the dancers interacting with the musicians as they improvised. The warmth and coloring in Shobana's voice sent chills up my spine (I can't explain it, but when I hear good music I get a very specific physical reaction to it.) The costumes are beautiful, and somehow every one of the dancers looks like s/he is wearing the garb of his/her native culture. Must be the power of raw silk!

Please continue to keep us posted on your new pieces as they evolve.

Anjali said...

Hi Par,

What a wonderful review from the New York Times...congratulations!! Wish I could have been there!
Love, Anjali in Denver

Anjali said... again. Any thoughts about having a MySpace page? It's an interesting phenenomenon...but a good communication tool I think.

See you soon, Anjali

parijat said...

Thanks for posting Sophia and Anjali!
I think the cyberplace to have a presence these days seems to be facebook. But will check out myspace too when I get a chance--